Julia Roberts: From America's Sweetheart to America's Fun, Drunk Aunt


God bless Julia Roberts. Sometime during the past year, the A-lister decided to start just stone-cold saying whatever popped into her head at that moment (no matter how crazy, aggressive, or lunatic it might seem to others), and in an age of buttoned-down actors, we kind of love her for it. Sure, there were signs before that whatever internal filter Roberts possessed was being eroded, like when she did that weird "Aloe Vera" thing on her t-shirt, or when she somehow won and accepted Denzel Washington's Oscar. Still, we think you'll agree that over the last year, Roberts has brought her uncensored A-game. Here are some of her best moments:

From the Transcript of the Valentine's Day Press Conference, January 29 in Beverly Hills

Q: My boyfriend says I'm a bad planner, so how can I get him to make me happy on "Valentine's Day"?

Julia Roberts: Wow, wow. This is, yeah. Can we at least dim the lights? Okay, wait a minute. Are you asking me how to cook something? Or... Ah, yeah, well, hmm. Let's break it down. How long have you been with your boyfriend? Two years. And you have sex with him...You know what? Make a nice dinner reservation now because that's the biggest night out of the year, says the former hostess at Simon's Seafood Bar and Grill. Make a nice dinner reservation and have a nice glass of wine and then go home and, you know, take your top off. I think that's a recipe for success, wouldn't you say, Bradley Cooper?

At the Same Press Conference, as Recounted In the Article "Shirley Maclaine Asks Valentine's Day Ladies How They Stay Slim"

After a brief bit of silence, Julia Roberts reportedly spoke first, turning the attention on some of her younger co-stars.

"You girls are slim," Julia said.

Eventually, Jennifer Garner reportedly also spoke up.

"I'm nursing," the mom of two said. "As soon as I'm done I'll puff right back up."

"I'll stay tuned for that," Julia responded.

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