Friday Box Office: Waning Avatar Clings to First


As January winds down, so, too, does Avatar's box-office momentum -- not enough to cost the blockbuster first place in the weekend sweepstakes, but quite possibly enough to keep it below $30 million for the first time in its staggering seven-week run. Attribute it to what you will, though Mel Gibson's comeback Edge of Darkness can no doubt claim a little bit of credit despite a softer than expected opening. The romantic comedy When in Rome settled into third place as expected with its own solid $4.4 million Friday, while The Book of Eli, Tooth Fairy and Legion are all on track for drops of more than 50 percent since last week. Click through for Friday's complete top 10.

AVATAR: $7,325,000 ($571,797,000)

EDGE OF DARKNESS: $5,655,000 (new)

WHEN IN ROME: $4,400,000 (new)

THE BOOK OF ELI: $2,480,000 ($68,083,000)

THE TOOTH FAIRY: $2,280,000 ($18,386,000)

LEGION: $2,040,000 ($23,886,000)

THE LOVELY BONES: $1,350,000 ($34,629,000)

SHERLOCK HOLMES: $1,220,000 ($194,306,000)

IT'S COMPLICATED: $1,038,000 ($101,345,000)


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