Our Commenters of the Week Win a Personal Retelling of 2010's Best Pedophilia Joke!


The Lovely Bones did its darnedest to quash our love of the age-old pedophilia joke, but Louis C.K. rejuvenated our passion. We live! We thrive! We love jokes about calling the parents of the kid you schtupped! Now you, blessed Movieline commenters, have a chance at hearing a personal retelling of Louis C.K.'s fine work -- perhaps in a Skype session with Julie Miller or Stu VanAirsdale. Should be pretty great. So, who wins the offensive monologue?

snickers on Louis C.K. Still Smoothing Out Edges of Most Offensive Joke in the World: At least Michael Richards doesn't have to worry anymore.

The Winchester on So How Good is The Kids Are All Right?: A Movieline Conversation: I really hope "Take Your Moms!" makes its way to the DVD cover.

HwoodHills on Susan Sarandon Spanks Pigs On Stage, Because Why Not: "I believe in the church of baseball...and smacking pigs on the ass."

Alex Barbatsis on Overheard at Sundance: 1/25: "Is Parker Posey ever not at Sundance? And I don't just mean the festival, she must hang around that town all year.

Martini Shark on Leno Backlash Continues; News Corp. Publication Compares Leno to Hitler: "I so cannot wait for Jay to get his revenge by pulling his hilarious 'Headlines' from The Wall Street Journal instead of those community papers from jerkwater townships! He who laughs last, Rupert!"

Congratulations to the champs!