Hollywood Ink: Miramax is Dead. Long Live Miramax!


· Despite the obituaries and condolence notes making their ways around the industry this morning, surely nobody actually believes Miramax Films -- which shuttered its Los Angeles and New York offices this week -- is actually gone for good, do they? The Weinsteins have already made overtures that they're interested in buying back the brand they founded in 1979, and now Summit Entertainment has come along with an informal interest in the name and the library featuring Pulp Fiction, No Country For Old Men, Shakespeare in Love, Chicago and hundreds of other prestige titles. Disney reportedly refuses to split the two up. If only Harvey had something more he could leverage to make this deal happen... [Deadline]

Get ready for an explicit 3-D Caligula remake, don't hold your breath for a J.D. Salinger movie, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Italian director Tinto Brass, whom Bob Guccione famously booted from the set of his depraved historical drama/porn epic Caligula more than 30 years ago, has resurfaced with an interest in making the world's first 3-D "erotic film." In a statement, Brass suggested he'd revisit the sordid tale of the Roman emperor "that was ruined by Americans, and go from there," adding that he expected to be shooting by late spring/early summer. Which means audiences will be shooting by... ugh, never mind. [THR]

· Oh, and speaking of pornographers, the epic documentary Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel has found an American buyer in Phase 4 Films. The indie will distribute the film in theaters starting this spring. [THR]

· If you thought reclusive, hyper-controlling author J.D. Salinger's death might crack open a window for possible film adaptations of his work, good luck with that: His agent reasserted Thursday that "[e]verybody knows that he did not want it to happen, and the trust will follow that." [THR]