Dance! Dance! Dance!

Altitude sickness, sleep deprivation, burning eyes, one broken computer and a few extra pounds aside, our Sundance orbit this week resulted in one of the most sweeping weeks of coverage to date at Movieline -- and that's not even counting all the scintillating news and commentary that flowed in around it. We're still trying to get our heads around what happened; click through and help us sort it all out with the Week in Review. And have a great weekend!

· As you probably know by now, we covered the living crap out of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival -- from poster wars to instant classics to instant failures to love at first sight to Ryan Reynolds in a box to Jessica Alba on the floor to our Cyrus fête to everything you should look forward to. It was awesome.

· Speaking of Ryan Reynolds in a box, his film Buried found a buyer and inspired us to list eight other buried-alive high points (low points? So confusing) from movies and TV.

· Movieline's overextended Sundance crew was grateful for another fine batch of American Idol recaps.

· Among this week's lovely Movieline interviewees, we welcomed Steve Buscemi, Jonah Hill, Anthony Mackie, Sarah Polley, Louis C.K., John Hawkes, Amir Bar-Lev, Animal Collective, Josh Radnor and Verge honoree Jennifer Lawrence.

· No sooner had we livetweeted Conan O'Brien's final Tonight Show than Tilda Swinton agreed to star as Conan in the movie verison of his NBC snafu. Adolf Hitler, meanwhile, had not responded to requests to play Jay Leno.

· Family Feud got a new host, too, in Steve Harvey. We provided some tips for him.

· Shocker: Avatar overtook Titanic as the highest-grossing film ever.

· Brittany Murphy's creep husband just kept making more friends in and around Hollywood.

· Don't get too big a head about your trophies, PGA and SAG awards winners -- you'll be moonlighting on a cop procedural soon enough.

· If anything could inspire a substantial Movieline point-counterpoint, naturally it's Jersey Shore.