Wall Street 2 Teaser: Money for Nothing, LaBeoufs for Free


The teaser trailer was released today for Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (oh, they're really going with that title?) and you can watch it over on IMDb. What will you find there? An incongruously rockin' soundtrack, Carey Mulligan, an 80's cell phone joke, Shia LaBeouf riding a motorcycle (apparently, they're not just for Megan Fox to lean suggestively over anymore!), and an assumption that the younger generation knows who the hell Gordon Gekko is. That said...it kind of looks like fun trash? If greed is good, then what's greedily resuscitating a dated, dormant property? I dunno, I'm already programming the Wall Street 2/Basic Instinct 2 double feature.

VERDICT: Interested. [IMDb]


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