They Could Go. All. The. Way.


· Since CBS announced that it's accepting "advocacy" commercials for the Super Bowl, gay dating site has submitted the following ad for approval. CBS has already accepted a pro-life spot, so the obligation to broadcast this "liberal" clip is mighty. I want John Madden's play-by-play.

· Can't wait to fill out a profile and broadcast my own NSFW version of "The Super Bowl Shuffle." I am here to start some trouble!

· Glee creator Ryan Murphy spilled that he's adding an R&B-crooning male to the cast, in addition to a boyfriend for Kurt and a rival for Rachel. You know what this means: Kidz Bop-sounding versions of "Birthday Sex" and "Kiss Me Thru the Phone." Please blow the whistle, Sue Sylvester!

· Joe Dirt, the mullet-exalting 2001 David Spade film, is being developed as an animated series. If you're wondering who would reboot this wretched booger of cinema, the answer is (wait for it) David Spade.

· Mysteriously, the end credit song of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland sounds a lot like that infernal whining on Tuesday's episode of American Idol.

· Matt LeBlanc tries hard but doesn't quite capture the essence of his newest role, Matt LeBlanc.


  • Furious D says:

    1. At least it doesn't feature farting horses.
    2. I know what your profile's going to read: "Seeking butch Ernest Borgnine type who enjoys movies, walks on the beach, and recreating the 'Bring out the Gimp' scenes from Pulp Fiction."
    3. What the show really needs is Simon Cowell crushing the kid's dreams on a weekly basis.
    4. Joe Dirt needs a dirt nap. Find something new David, possibly playing a snarky male secretary on a road trip with a frantic obese man-child.
    5. Pants on the ground? Odd choice for a theme song...
    6. Mock as you may, he will still be richer than you... or me... Damn it, let's mock that rich bastard!

  • Martini Shark says:

    You would think if they wanted that ad to be affective they would have at least one guy in a Bear jersey.

  • Congratulashayla says:

    Isn't Mercedes already sort of Rachel's rival? Do they really need to introduce even more characters into this already extremely bloated cast?

  • NoWireHangers says:

    An anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl? Ugh. Let's hope they use such reasonable and even-handed rhetoric as those dead fetus posters they seem to love so much. The best way to taunt people into supporting your position is by making them toss their hot wings.

  • Majean says:

    I wonder if they will be accepting an pro-choice commercials? For some reason I doubt it.