Louis C.K. Still Smoothing Out Edges of Most Offensive Joke in the World


After the premiere of Louis C.K.: Hilarious on Tuesday night, the comedian mentioned he was working on the most offensive joke he's ever written. "I like to take audiences to a bad place, then make them happy they went there," he explained. "I just haven't figured out the second part of the equation yet. The 'happy they went there' part." Still, the audience demanded to hear it, so Louis ended the evening with the (very offensive!) bit-in-development. WARNING: It contains profanity and disturbing, violent subject matter! Please don't click 'continued'! It is very offensive!

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  • stolidog says:

    I don't get it. What's wrong with kid-fuckers?

  • Furious D says:

    I think this will be the foundation of Roman Polanski's defense case.

  • Martini Shark says:

    No Stolidog, you're cool. It was kid killers that he said were bad.

  • Old No.7 says:

    Hasn't he heard of the joke "The Aristocrats"?

  • snickers says:

    At least Michael Richards doesn't have to worry anymore.

  • samuel says:

    "The Aristocrats" isn't that offensive.

  • KT says:

    "And now for our impersonation of the victims of 9/11."

  • kenner says:

    a guy and a kid are walking into a dark creepy swamp together. the little kid looks up at the guy and says " hey mister I'm scared". The guy looks at the kid and says " you think you're scared. I have to walk out of here alone".

  • hotcod says:

    Then you've never heard it told right. Two friends launched in to a telling of this to some random people at a bar after a night of one upping each other on the joke, it took half an hour and the rest of us honest to god rolling around on the floor laughing. The random people sat looking like deer in headlights until the end where they got up and ran away from us.

  • JetFarve says:

    I agree with whoever this comedian is. Who Cares who I fuck!. I'm sick of the "liberals" telling me that a boy is not a man!!! When will Obama and the blacks learn...that the tree of liberty is grown with the blood of patriots

  • SnakeJake says:

    Is he talking about Roman Polanski?

  • Yodawg says:

    Hilarious!! Need more like this.

  • StonedOdie says:

    The Aristocrats is an amazing joke/movie.

  • Dickpickle says:

    how is a joke about kid-fuckers offensive?

  • John says:

    Well if you were molested as a child, raped, or beaten it probably isn't that funny.
    Or if you are a parent whose child was abducted...probably not that funny.

  • Louis CK is amazing. Check out this video of him on Conan.

  • Jibbles says:

    Well its funny but still its true. Yeah their kid would be scared for life but at least it would have a life.

  • Kabel says:

    The most offensive joke in the world, should have to make the most amount of people feel offended.
    This didn't offend me.. This would probably not really offend other people, besides people who have actually been involved in kid-fucking-situations.

  • papadefranco says:

    i think it's just inner guilt!

  • rrrrrrrrrr says:

    someone had to say it

  • No says:

    What Michael Richards did is completely different. Louis CK is obviously just telling a joke. He's not actually being hateful.

  • Pat says:

    Late at night when most people are sleeping Dane Cook sits in the dark crying and jerking to video's of Louis C.K. He then runs out into the streets naked covered in his own seed shouting: "I AM UNWORTHY, MY EXISTANCE IS NULL!" until the police taze him and take pictures of him with their nuts in his mouth.
    Louis C.K. why do you torment people so?

  • Maria says:

    Was a fan of this comic until he started saying disturbing and violent things about a 4yr old girl--his own..Stay away from my children you sicko. You don't degrade or promote violence against children ever.

  • Matteo says:

    it's not the most offensive joke in the world, it's the most offensive joke he's ever written, he says.. and I have to agree with him, if anything because he was never offensive for the sake of it, he just said a couple awful things about his daughters that made me cringe a bit