Yesterday's Sundance Poster War Won By Man Promoting His Dog


At this point, I think its fair to declare The Fence, 12th and Delaware, and Secrets of the Tribe the long-term winners of the Sundance poster wars. They're simply everywhere, despite the best efforts of a French chanteuse to play spoiler. Still, that didn't deter one industrious dog marketer from plying his trade yesterday -- and Movieline caught him in the act!


So what exactly is Tiny is BIG!, which this cigarette-smoking man was plastering over posters on Main St?


It is, of course, a website that promotes Tiny the dog, who is available for "film, T.V., print and runway." Here is Tiny dressed as a cowboy:


It's kind of difficult to tell what credits Tiny might actually have, but he/she (the site is tellingly devoid of pronouns -- Tiny is just that versatile) has, at one point, sat in Zac Efron's lap while he was wearing a wifebeater. For that alone, Tiny, Movieline salutes you!


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