TV Bites: Conan Reunites With NBC For Justice


· Only days after Conan O'Brien retired his post as Tonight Show host and presumably put his career with the network to bed, NBC has picked up an hourlong pilot from the comedian's production company, Conaco. The project, known ironically as Justice, "follows an ex-Supreme Court justice who quits the Court to start his own legal practice." O'Brien, John Eisendrath, Jeff Ross and David Kissenger are set to executive produce. As part of O'Brien's massive settlement with NBC, Conaco was to continue working with NBC Universal through the end of development season. [THR]

The Jersey Shore stars inch back towards MTV, Julianne Moore gets some pilot love, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Jersey Shore negotiations are reportedly heading in a positive direction after MTV increased its initial offer to $10,000 per episode. If all goes as planned, the network will tape another season ASAP to air in July or August. Does this mean the fist-pumpers will have to relocate to a tropical location since the Boardwalk will be covered in snow? [Reuters]

· According to one report, the most sought-after actors and actresses this pilot season are Julianne Moore, Matt Dillon, Maria Bello, Christina Applegate and Jason Isaacs. [Reuters]

· Martha Stewart is moving The Martha Stewart Show out of syndication and into the Hallmark Channel's lineup, where the homemaking maven is expected to have an additional 90 minutes of programming to work with. [MSNBC]

· On the heels of Rob Lowe's announcement that he is leaving Brothers & Sisters, Michael Ausiello is reporting that his television spouse, Calista Flockhart will cut down on her schedule, too, while still remaining a series regular. [EW]


  • graham says:

    Hmm was this part of the settlement? Or another chance for Conan to spend $10 mil a week of NBC's money?

  • I don't think anyone was really worried about Conan's future......between a generous settlement and his proven talents, he'll be on airbefore long and doing comedy as usual. NBC f@#@#'d up the situation but Conan came out OK. I don't expect he or Jay to suffer long term for this but NBC will have to recover gradually.