Susan Sarandon Spanks Pigs On Stage, Because Why Not

Sometimes, you're a 63-year-old, newly single sex symbol, and you just want to let loose. Ping-pong? Sure, that's an outlet. Spanking pig-men while dressed as a naughty teacher? What a way to bring about catharsis! At least, that's if we go by Susan Sarandon, who smacked men's asses with a ruler last night while on stage with the band Of Montreal in New York. Question: Does this make her a furry? The video is below:

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  • HwoodHills says:

    "I believe in the Church of Baseball...And smacking pigs on the ass."

  • stretch65 says:

    "You mean she...?!"

  • John says:

    One, for the record, I've never seen a PIG furry before. Furries have FUR. Otherwise they're Scalies or (?)Featheries(?). Foxes, Wolves, Cats, Lions, ect, get the picture ? A pig would make the most lowest scale and by far least sexiest "furry" Ever.
    Besides, what else are people to do with a LIBERAL ARTS degree, then to invent a fursona and don an animal suit ?