So Long, Psychic Friend


Zelda Rubinstein, the diminutive Poltergeist actress and onetime poster-mother for HIV/AIDS awareness, has died at age 76 of a heart attack following years of illness. In case you haven't seen Poltergeist in awhile, you should brace yourself for the arresting clip (and her sensational performance as the psychic Tangina) after the jump.

· RIP.

· The CW is booting up a revamp of La Femme Nikita. Because you love CW remakes and are just not telling.

· Adam Lambert is throwing his underwear at you, for once.

· Michael Douglas's son admitted to selling methamphetamine and coke in a fancy NY hotel. He awaits a minimum 10-year prison sentence.

· Jon Hamm's promos for Saturday Night Live do not feature a beard. Our living nightmare is over.


  • Daft Clown says:

    More importantly, Cameron Douglas used to be kinda hot, why the hell does he now resemble Chaz Bono?! (Sorry, Chaz.)