Late Night Highlights: Mel Gibson's Withdrawal and 50's Sundance Smile

NBC may have passed the mighty Tonight Show baton last week, but there were other late night milestones to celebrate in last night's programming, like Jimmy Kimmel's seventh anniversary of employing his family members, 50 Cent's crossover into the Sundance and Smart Water demographic, and Mel Gibson's eighteenth day without a cigarette. If there was ever a chance that Jay Leno would die at the hand of a guest, on-air, it would have happened in last night's segment with Gibson. After the jump, those clips and the other moments you missed.

5. Sofia Vergara Plays 'Whip It Out' With G-Lo

Yes, that is actually the name of George Lopez's segment in which he asks audience members to do crazy things for $100, and the audience member replies by shouting enthusiastically "Whip It Out!" Last night, Modern Family's Vergara joined the host for the game before shredding the host's face for $50,000.

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