ABC Cancels Ugly Betty at Just the Wrong Time


Unsurprising: ABC pulled the plug on Ugly Betty. Somewhat surprising: They also lowered the final season's episode count from 22 to 20. Genuinely surprising: I'm upset. Whether or not you believe America Ferrera's starmaking series withered in its third season, you must admit that Betty was a singular presence -- and not just because its one of the only telenovela-based series to work as an American reboot. Its swiftness, glut of popcult references, and quick-winking camp will be sorely missed. We explore the saddest reason for the show's demise (with video) after the jump.

Those of us who tuned into the two-hour season premiere of the fourth season witnessed a riotous and fresh start. While the cancellation sucks on its own, knowing it occurs on the heels of a material upgrade is nauseating. The minute Wilhelmina uttered the line, "No, Mark, you can't use my bathroom, no one uses my bathroom, not even me," a return to form and prominence seemed imminent. It's not to be, says the Alphabet sorcerers.

Check out this clip from season four's opener below. While we're certainly bitter, you can expect our inevitable Better Off Ted eulogy to be even more tearful.

Exclusive: ABC Cancels Ugly Betty [EW]