Overheard at Sundance: 1/25

At Sundance, you can pretty much count on the fact that you will overhear two types of things: people having articulate, passionate conversations about film, and people just straight-up being kinda dumb. We'd like to thank the latter for their continued contributions to Overheard at Sundance. So, who was talking a little too loudly yesterday in Park City, and what former Sundance starlet felt the dent in her cachet?

The middle of the day, walking up Main St.

Drunk Twentysomething Guy #1: "I don't think so, man. I can't walk and hold a cup at the same time."

Drunk Twentysomething Guy #1: "Dude, you can't even walk right now."

Outside the Cineglaad party at Downstairs Bar

Man Literally Dressed Up as Jack Sparrow: (to doorman) "I'm on the list! Don't worry, I'm on the list."

At CAA party, next to a row of empty couches

Security Guard: (to Parker Posey) "I'm sorry. This seating is reserved."


  • Is parker posey ever not at sundance. And I don't just mean the festival, she must hang around that town all year.

  • Martini Shark says:

    C'mon ML, you cannot leave us hanging like that! Who was seated first, Parker Posey, or Jack Sparrow???

  • FrancoisTrueFaux says:

    That's a trick question: once she finally took off the Jack Sparrow getup, Parker Posey was allowed inside, but they still weren't gonna give her a seat.

  • Daft Clown says:

    I had my heart set on Joaquin Phoenix as the one hiding behind the beads and buckles.

  • C.A. says:

    Has anyone ever figuratively dressed up as Jack Sparrow?

  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    Without intending it, yes.

  • This has been my favorite feature on the site since you started the coverage of Sundance and I hope that it inspires at the least a weekly rundown of things overheard in agency or studio lobbies.

  • here here. especially what other people said at screenings.

  • Jean Burnley says:

    -I had a bad feeling before the movie began when they introduced Eli Roth & the two main actors, including the leading woman who plays the possessed chick. Eli cracked way too many jokes, humoring & hyping up the crowd. I thought this was a bad move, as if we're supposed to treat this like a Scream-type experience. Fun, but enjoy the 'boo!'-like scares. I thought it would've been better off to just turn off the lights & start the movie, setting the mood for something terrifying. It didn't help that we were introduced the actors first, making it hard to buy into the story.