It's Official: Avatar Overtakes Titanic

No one knows where, and no one knows exactly when, but at some point Monday one moviegoer laid down the cash that put Avatar over the top as the highest-grossing movie ever made. Odds are the crucial ticket was purchased somewhere overseas, where the film has accrued roughly 70 percent of its overall take; Avatar still has about $50 million left to collect before it can unseat James Cameron's earlier blockbuster Titanic as the biggest domestic grosser of all-time.

That'll no doubt happen by this weekend at the latest. Here's hoping Cameron, 20th Century Fox and IMAX might step up to the record-breaking occasion Stateside a little more than they did internationally, perhaps arranging some sort of event celebrating the ticketbuyer who provides the Avatar's $600,788,189th dollar -- Na'vis throwing phosphorescent confetti, banshee rides, a photo of the winner ceremonially placing his/her cash in a beaming James Cameron's wallet... that kind of thing. Any other ideas?

· Avatar breaks Titanic worldwide record [THR]


  • Dimo says:

    Maybe Sigourney Weaver could swing by and make the winner breakfast? ...Or perhaps a approving head nod from Colonel Quaritch for a job well done...Or a lifetime supply of unobtainium...

  • The Winchester says:

    How about an Avatar of their very own?!?
    Except instead of Pandora, it takes you to James Cameron's house.
    And you sleep on a pile of money.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Just give them a refund for the ticket and, if it's at all possible, the 160 minutes of their life back.

  • Joe says:

    How about a night of hot tentacle sex with the princess?

  • Virginia says:

    I think we should not look at how much a movie makes but how many tickets were sold. Ticket prices will keep increasing and it is not right to just look at the amount of money a movie makes. It should be based only on tickets sold.

  • Christopher S Elsasser says:

    Cameron owes a creative debt to the old version of the OUTER LIMITS for his muse of ideas, especially the episode The Chamelon with Robert Duvall as well as writer Harlan Ellison.

  • Daft Clown says:

    A replica of Sam Worthington's wheelchair from Avatar that I can push myself around in with my non-crippled legs.