Hollywood Ink: Tim Burton Recruited For Jury Duty


· Tim Burton has been tapped to head the jury for the 63rd Cannes Film Festival. It'll be Burton's third time on a Cannes jury, and his first time leading the panel that will select the Palme d'Or this May. But forget about his impeccable taste and judgment, say fest organizers. "We hope his sweet madness and gothic humor will pervade the Croisette, bringing Christmas to all," said Cannes president Gilles Jacob. "Christmas and Halloween." Expect cost-cutting Harvey Weinstein to just dress up as Santa to kill both holidays with one stone. [THR]

DreamWorks starts its engines, Kyra Sedgwick moves in with Vincent D'Onofrio, and more Hollywood Ink after the jump.

· Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have parked a narrative adaptation of the award-winning documentary Racing Dreams at DreamWorks. Director Marshall Curry's original non-fiction tale followed three young go-cart racers in their pursuit of eventual NASCAR glory; the project is roughly the 317th that the prolific producers Orci/Kurtzman have in the, ahem, 'Works. A writer is expected to be attached in the coming weeks. [Variety]

· Kyra Sedgwick and Vincent D'Onofrio will co-star in Chlorine, a drama about a upper middle-class woman whose reluctance to downgrade her lifestyle results in her husband making a bad real estate deal. The pair replaces Ray Liotta and Demi Moore, who were originally cast five years ago before Hurricane Katrina put the Louisiana production on indefinite hold. [THR]

· Lionsgate exercised its option on filmmaker Kevin Greutert to make Saw 3-D, thus cockblocking Paramount, which had wanted the director to take on its sequel to Parnormal Activity. It's a savvy, sort of predictable move by the 'Gate, which entitles Gruetert to only two weeks' prep before shooting starts but thwarts its primary competition for the Halloween audience this fall. Paramount's scrambling for a replacement, which in all honesty, they should probably have had in the wings. Anyway, point: Lionsgate. [Deadline]


  • Martini Shark says:

    So bringing on the original director of "Paranormal" is not an option?
    Well, we liked what you did with a shoestring budget and all, I don't know however if we can trust you to do something worthwhile with millions."

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