For the Record: Jessica Alba Saw, Loves The Killer Inside Me


We've been rocking naked and unblinking on the floor of a scalding shower since experiencing Michael Winterbottom's heinously brutal adaptation of The Killer Inside Me, aka The Untitled Jessica Alba Hamburger-Face Project. In Movieline's report following its Saturday premiere, we mentioned Alba had greeted the audience before the screening, but was nowhere to be found during the polarized Q&A portion that came immediately after. Had she fled in embarrassment? Not at all, says a rep, who sent us this clarification:

"[I] just wanted to clarify that Jessica Alba did already see the film before Sundance and loved it - she actually specifically came in just to support it, but couldn't stay the night so left to catch her flight. Just thought you should know. Thank you!"

Duly noted!

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  • Joe says:

    I'm looking forward to this film. I've enjoyed Michael Winterbottom's films in the past for both their style and diversity. The Claim and 24hr Party People were excellent. Loved the 16mm anamorphic in Wonderland. I love his collaborations with Michael Nyman. Casey Affleck was great in The Assassination of Jesse James and Steve Buscemi's underrated Lonesome Jim. The only thing that worries me is having Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba in the same film. They're not exactly known for the acting ability. Together, they could sink any film.

  • Jessica is one of my favorite actress, I can't really image Jessica carrying baby, she sure is the most beautiful mum on earth!

  • It takes real intelligence to understand that everybody is different and everybody is identical at the identical time. One of these paradoxical thinking is exterior the realm of 99% of people; you included apparently.