Pointers for Steve Harvey as the New Host of Family Feud, Starring Its 5 Previous Emcees

Among classic game shows, Family Feud is one of the most well-known and longest-running institutions. Though it went off the air for a few moments in the '80s and '90s, the 100-people surveys and familial showdowns have remained a touchstone of syndicated TV for the better part of the last generation. Now, as comedian Steve Harvey takes the reins from John O'Hurley, Movieline advises the newest "Number One Answer" man with lessons learned from each host in the show's history. Fear not, Mr. Harvey, we tell you exactly what to retain and what to throw away. Kiss this, Richard Dawson!

Richard Dawson

Retain: The woman-charming panache! You can earn a scandalous, wife-wooing reputation and -- well, though you're already married -- a wife. Dawson met his current wife (of 19 years) when she was a contestant in 1981. Keep a look out for Gretchen in the clip below.

Throw Away: The woman-charming overkill. Let's leave cute remarks to 13-year-old girls about taking a treat from the lollipop tree out of the new millennium, Steve.

Ray Combs

Retain: His vaudevillian emcee skills, as evidenced in the following clip. When one contestant wins the Fast Money round and scores 200 in just her turn, Combs has fun with the on-deck family member. This jocular flair made him the (unironically) greatest Feud host, and one of the few stand-up comics Johnny Carson invited over to sit at the Tonight Show desk with him.

Throw Away: The grimmest post-Feud life story of them all. If the Family Channel comes back and wants you to host a family-oriented game show, don't do it, Steve!

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