Overheard at Sundance this Weekend

The first weekend of Park City is always the most crowded, and with those crowds, the ante is considerably upped for people giving choice overheard quotes. Here were some of our favorites from Friday to Sunday. Enjoy!

At Green House

Guy: "Why would you wear those shoes? Didn't you know you'd be walking in the snow?"

Girl in Chanel Flats: "I thought cars were going to be taking us everywhere."

On Shuttle

Man: "What movie are you guys going to see?"

Woman: "Douchebag."

Man: "My son directed it. I'm his dad! I'm Douchebag's dad!"

Near Old Town Transit Center

Guy: "Bill Coxman? Who's Bill Coxman?"

Disgusted Girl: "You are so, so elitist."

Walking Down Main St.

Girl 1: "You know who I'd really love to see here?"

Girl 2: "Hugh Laurie!"

At Winter's Bone Screening

Man Introducing Winter's Bone: "Please turn off all your electronicals."

Snobby Man Seated Behind Me: "Electronicals? What are 'electronicals'?"

Woman Seated Behind Me: "Shh."

Snobby Man Seated Behind Me: (loudly) "This is the state of education in Utah!"


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