Can You Spot the Deposed Sundance Boss Now Stuck Waiting in Line?

You might recall that Robert Redford was more than a little forthright the other day about the "fresh new blood" needed to reinvigorate the "flatlining" Sundance Film Festival. Most industry insiders interpreted Redford's comments as a thinly veiled indictment of former fest director Geoff Gilmore -- but do you know what was even more indicative of the cold war between Sundance and its deposed boss? How about spotting Gilmore waiting in line with the rest of the unwashed, ticket-holding masses before this past weekend's hotly anticipated Buried premiere? Play along with Movieline this morning and see if you can find the one-time Park City kingpin in the crowd above. Answer after the jump.


There he is! Keep in mind, this guy used to introduce Sundance's most important premieres for 20 years before heading off in 2009 to join the Tribeca Film Festival. As such, the Library Theater queue for Buried was the last place you'd probably expect to find such a high-ranking festival director emeritus -- particularly one who was even singled out from the stage by his successor John Cooper before Sunday's Blue Valentine premiere. "Geoff Gilmore is in the house tonight, folks!" he said to much applause. And why not? Anyone who successfully navigated that crazy, 200-person wait list probably should get a shout-out. Welcome back, Geoff!


  • Sean Means says:

    I saw Nicole Guillemet, the co-director that Gilmore forced out in 2003, on a shuttle bus heading to the Racquet Club today. So what goes around comes around.