Buzz Break: A Crucible of Criticism


· Theater critics all over this great nation want you to know that Scarlett Johansson is better than Katie Holmes when it comes to honoring Arthur Miller's work. Don't be discouraged, Holmes fanatics! I sense Tom Cruise's vindicating, all-too-believable performance as Willy Loman in our near future.

· Your Independent Spirit Awards host is the decadent Eddie Izzard. He captures the essence of this year's award season, as he features the dry delivery of A Single Man's Colin Firth and the slight mustache of Precious's Mariah Carey.

· Speaking of facial hair, did you know that Sundance is your one-stop shop for slovenly beards?

· Alexander Skarsgard isn't shy about intensifying the artistic integrity of True Blood -- with lots of nudity.

· Somehow, Andy Dick's latest crime is more embarrassing than his fight with Jon Lovitz.


  • The Winchester says:

    Regarding Andy Dick, that's the only time calling a comedy club "Funny Bones" actually works.