VIDEO: Buried's Ryan Reynolds on the Fine Art of Acting Alone


Claustrophobes beware! Buried premiered late Friday night at Sundance, with its entire cast on hand to discuss the harrowing tale of an abducted American struggling to escape his burial in the Iraq desert. And by "entire cast," I mean Ryan Reynolds, who spends the film's entire 94 minutes in a pine box with little aid but a cell phone, a lighter and his oxygen-deprived wits. In a video after the jump, Reynolds explained the process of developing (and surviving) his twisted one-man show with director Rodrigo Cortés.

I'll have more on Buried later, but in a nutshell, it's as queasy-making and disturbing as the premise sounds. Oh, and it's kind of awesome: Working from a crackerjack script by Black List alumnus Chris Sparling (also featured below), Cortés and Reynolds make more happen in an 8 × 3 x 3 coffin than anyone really has a right to, creating a thriller as brainy and funny as it is visceral and tense. If Lionsgate doesn't jump all over this by the end of the festival and make it a hit by summer, then check the distributor's pulse. (SPOILER ALERT: It even has the potential for multiple endings, which so appealed to the 'Gate when it got scissor-happy on Neil Marshall's The Descent in 2006. Just saying.) Between Moon last year and Buried in 2010, is Sundance officially the launching pad for a burgeoning trend in terrific one-actor movies?

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