EXCLUSIVE: Kate Mara to Iron Man 2 Fans: 'I'm Not Playing Bethany Cabe'


I just sat down with the cast of one of Sundance's early breakouts, the Josh Radnor-directed happythankyoumoreplease, and I've come back with a message for you, Internet. Radnor's love interest in the film is played by Kate Mara, and after the two of us discussed Sundance for a spell, I had to ask her about Iron Man 2. When Mara joined the cast, the trades didn't name her role, which led many to guess (and then assume) that the part was a top-secret one, most likely Tony Stark's sometime love interest Bethany Cabe.

In fact, the rumor got to be so strong that even Mara's IMDb profile lists her playing that role. However, she was anxious to dispel it today.

"I'm not playing Bethany Cabe," she said as soon as I brought up the film. So how did the talk get started?

"Who knows!" Mara said. "I think Bethany Cabe in the comic book has red hair and they were like, well, Kate must be playing her." Still, don't get her wrong: "I am in Iron Man 2. I'm only in one scene, though, and it's not Bethany Cabe."

Who, then? Mara demurred. "Just check it out. I did it because they were like, 'Do you want to work with Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau?' I was like, 'I'll say one word and I'm fine!' So there you go."

For more with the cast and Radnor himself, stay tuned.

[Photo Credit: Matt Carr/Getty Images]


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