Friday Box Office: 500 Days of Avatar


It's easy to get wrapped up in Sundance and wonder if you're missing some crucial film news elsewhere, but there was little of interest at yesterday's box office besides the continued domination of Avatar. The only debut with any pop was the "look at my face transform!" horror pic Legion, while The Tooth Fairy and Extraordinary Measures both underperformed.

The full Friday figures:

AVATAR: $9,150,000 ($525,947,000)

LEGION: $6,700,000 (new)

THE BOOK OF ELI: $4,930,000 ($49,933,000)

THE TOOTH FAIRY: $3,500,000 (new)

THE LOVELY BONES: $2,600,000 ($25,424,000)


SHERLOCK HOLMES: $1,970,000 ($186,419,000)

IT'S COMPLICATED: $1,760,000 ($94,220,000)

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL: $1,400,000 ($199,137,000)

THE BLIND SIDE: $1,235,000 ($230,747,000)

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