Polanski Denied


Bad news for Roman Polanski, who's currently cooling his heels in a Swiss chalet while waiting to hear if he can be sentenced for his 1977 sexual assault charge in absentia. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Peter Espinoza said today, "I choose to insist on the integrity of the judicial system that he appear. The motion is denied...I have made it clear he needs to surrender." [The Wrap]


  • sp4tula says:

    He's a child rapist who's been on the run for a very long time. It doesn't matter that his victim has said she doesn't want this to happen. Not only did he do this, but also plead guilty to it and then booked before he could be sentenced. Thus also bringing in fleeing from justice.
    And Whoopi Goldberg's "it wasn't 'rape' rape" comment won't fly. He liquored and drugged a young girl and then raped her after she repeatedly said 'no'.

  • Snake Oil Baron says:

    Polanski and the many "pro-feminist" leftists men and even women seem to see no difference between admitting sex with a 13 year old (which is bad enough - if your "girlfriend" looks under 20 you need to look at her ID before you look at her goodies - and drugging a girl (of any age) to have sex without the unpleasantness of physical resistance. Defenders of Polanski astonish me. Only people on the right who advocate some basic moral or legal standard can be held to any such standard? So if you wear a Che T-shirt you can rape whoever you like? Lovely. I am a secularist and have no particular liking of the far right in Western society but I must be a right-wing radical because Polanski supporters sicken me.

  • JScar says:

    I'm quite sure all criminals wish their jailcells were Swiss Chalets... heck I wish my house was. He's a rapist and a coward.