Overheard at Sundance: 1/21

Many of the things that Sundance has to offer have been well-detailed: the movies, the swag, and the stars. Less celebrated -- yet no less interesting -- are the overheard quotes. Each day of the Sundance Film Festival, Movieline will bring you some of the best snippets we couldn't help but hear. They're ridiculous, sure -- but they're Sundance. Enjoy the first batch!

8:30 pm, on a bus leaving the Eccles

Girl: "How are you guys still friends? Don't you hate James Frey?"

Boy: "I hate the book. I don't hate him. I might go to UFC with him next month!"

10:20 pm, walking up the steps to the Old Town Center

British Man: "It's still like, he really helped Steve Buscemi a lot on Trees Lounge. He's practically the uncredited assistant director. And no one knows that."

11:45 pm, at the Howl after-party

Journalist 1: "The only thing I remember about it now is all the penises."

Journalist 2: "I remember a little more than the penises."


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