Now That's What I Call Movieline

Happy Friday to Movieline Nation, where another week flew by with aplomb -- and not just a little turbulence. And seeing as a people can't move forward without knowing where they've been (at least for a little while), please take a moment to reminisce with us after the jump. Don't forget to check in with us when you can for lots more Sundance coverage, and have a great weekend!

· It's Sundance time again, and we've got the best coverage in Park City. Wanna know about Bansky on the loose? Got it. Robert Redford candidly facing the future? Got that (and more). Joseph Gordon-Levitt's call to action? It's here. First impressions of the hotly anticipated opening-night film Howl. Got that too. And much more... stay tuned!

· ConanGate wound to a sad, sordid close as the outgoing Coco fought for his stock players, Jay Leno fought for his reputation and Jeff Zucker mostly just fought with everyone. (But maybe that last part isn't such a bad thing.)

· Our interview bureau stayed super busy with Wes Anderson, Kerry Washington, Daniel Dae Kim, Lucy Lawless, Chris Smith, Patti Stanger, Tina Majorino, Michael Weatherly, Charlie McDermott and Verge honoree Rose McIver. Thanks to all.

· The Golden Globes happened! We live-tweeted the hell out them, then moved on to the next round of kudos, up to and including...

· ... the Oscars! Only a month and half more to contemplate what happened to Carey Mulligan, which contenders have produced the best catchphrases, and which foreign-language shortlisters have a shot at winning it all.

· MacGruber, Pirahna 3-D and Buried all underwent our Two-Minute Verdict.

· Spider-Man got a new director, and we've gotta say: The Spidey mask looks good on him.

· Michael Colton and John Aboud contributed our latest One-Page Screenplay. Bidding war to follow.

· Movieline's Bad Movies We Love guru Michael Adams wrote a book, and we gave you a delicious taste. Enjoy!