Jersey Shore 'Softy Guido' Award: 'That's How the Shore Goes'


Jersey Shore concluded its first season last night with a spectacular, near-weepy finale. Pauly D packed up his ones and twos, the gents played air-hockey together one last time, and Sammi was who cares. But for the last installment in our Softy Guido contest, a new wuss is declared. Let's hug our boys and get through this together.


Winner: Vinny

WHAT. Not my chola-eyebrowed beacon of manhood! NO.

Explanation: Here at Movieline's Jersey Shore department*, Vinny is something of a BPB (basketball-pool-beach) hero. He's both a family man and a partying man, a clean fighter and a sweaty fist-pump tornadomaker. But during last night's episode, he racked up the most quotes concerning "our last days at the shore," "the best summer of our lives," and other things Nicholas Sparks invented. It have been DJ Pauly who worked up some tears, but Vinny worked up the sentimentality. Did you see him murmur mournfully as he enjoyed his last night out with the boys? Wussy behavior, albeit a lovable version thereof. And what was with his cutesy "prank" in response to The Situation's infamous cheese-mayo-pickles stinkbomb? Vinny's purchase of a stuffed bulldog wearing a silly t-shirt was positively charming! It didn't undermine The Situation's fetal-testicle-sized manliness at all. Unacceptable. Beat up the beat elsewhere tonight, Vinny.

And another note: Vinny's dancing seems to involve the most trotting. Just saying.

*Members: Louis "LBOOGIE" Virtel, no one else.