Buzz Break: Hail Edie, Full of Grace


· Hey, the poster for the second season of Nurse Jackie! They sure do love their naughty puns over there at Showtime marketing.

· Musician Julian Shah-Taylor told E! that he collaborated on an unreleased album with notable wackadoo Joaquin Phoenix, who's "a Beatles, Oasis, Bowie-style songwriter. I hold it in that high esteem."

· Michael Douglas is really living up to his status as a sexagenerian, telling AARP magazine, "God bless her that [Catherine Zeta-Jones] likes older guys. And some wonderful enhancements have happened in the last few years -- Viagra, Cialis -- that can make us all feel younger."

· What Not to Wear host Clinton Kelly has been tapped to host the Miss America pre-show.

· Nikki Finke's heard that the Oscars may add a third host to this year's proceedings. Why stop there? Make every presenter a host! Forty hosts! Taylor Lautner's hosting the Oscars, y'all!