A New Dad For Cyrus: First Look at the New Duplass Bros. Comedy

And here we have the trailer for Cyrus, an Oedipal love-triangle comedy from the Duplass brothers that premieres at Sundance tomorrow night. John C. Reilly taps into his inner lonely schlemiel persona, a self-described "Shrek" who lays his heart bare at his ex-wife's engagement party through a series of self-pitying drunken monologues and a karaoke rendition of Human League's "Don't You Want Me." But wait! All hope is not lost.

The clouds part to reveal the ever-gorgeous Marisa Tomei, for whom sad ogres are apparently her thing. The soundtrack instantly clicks over into boppy, alterna-pleasing sounds from our era, Shrek starts doing sit-ups, getting laid again -- it's awesome! That is, until Jonah Hill walks in on them having sex. He's the Cyrus in question, her 21-year-old, live-at-home son with a sick synth set-up in his bedroom and a menacing look in his eye. Goodbye Miike Snow and Edward Sharp, hello Dave Brubeck -- things are about to get complicated in quintuple time. Will they all learn to get along? And how did Catherine Keener get saddled with the best-friend-and-confidante part? And why am I suddenly feeling an overwhelming sense of deja vu, but I don't really seem to care? Those answers and more, coming your way!

Verdict: Sure, why not. Cyrus! It's a party in the U.S.A.