$70 Million Discrimination Settlement


It certainly puts Conan's $32 million payout into perspective, knowing that 165 television writers over the age of 40 will share a $70 million settlement after alleging that major networks, studios, and talent agencies did not hire or represent them due to an overt age bias. And they won't even receive shares -- they'll have to apply to a fund named the Fund for the Future in order to receive grants and loans for approved projects. Among the companies involved in the nearly decade-long lawsuit were ABC, CBS, NBC, Endeavor Agency, Gersh Agency and Spelling Television. Two-thirds of the $70 million will be covered by insurance carriers, if approved by the California State Court. [THR]


  • cat says:

    How about a settlement for all the actors over the age of 40 who Hollywood refuses to hire on the basis that the audience only wants to see young people on television or in the movies? It would have to be a huge settlement because there are a lot of us.