What's On: But Oh, Those Jersey Shore Nights


The next two days are pivotal in late night history and if you're a self-respecting Coco fan, you will tune into his remaining (tear) Tonight Show episodes (or at least catch Movieline's highlights the morning after). So let's distract ourselves from the heartache by watching some of the hardest working guidos in Hollywood reminisce about their hot tub hookups, gel mishaps and boardwalk throwdowns. Salut!

Jersey Shore [10 PM, MTV]

Fist-pumping guidos have never been hotter and hopefully, after tonight's season finale, their star will not flame out. The group shares a teary goodbye, full of vodka shots and hot sausage dinners, and let's be real, probably gets crazy on at least three grimy Jersey Shore dance floors. At 11, the group reunites to discuss their memories and (fingers crossed) announce a second season. Tune in tomorrow to see which cast member wins this season's last (and most important) Softy Guido award. My money is on Ronnie.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation [9 PM, CBS]

In the vein of last week's Law & Order nod to David Letterman's extortion scandal, tonight's CSI points fingers at another superstar scandal splashed over recent newspaper headlines. In tonight's show, the team investigates the murder of a champion golfer whose body is found during a high-profile tournament. Professional golfers including Rocco Mediate, Gary McCord, Duffy Waldorf and Natalie Gulbis appear for cameos, as well as David Feherty, a golfer turned broadcaster. Is the spurned wife to blame?

Burn Notice [10 PM, USA]

USA brings Matt Nix's series about a covert operations agent (Jeffrey Donovan) back from mid-season hiatus tonight as Michael (Donovan) and Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) help a widow escape from some nasty con men. Meanwhile, guest star Tyne Daly reunites with Cagney & Lacey co-star Sharon Gless.


Superbad [7:30 PM, FX]

Nearly three years after Michael Cera cornered the market on the awkward, dry-humored teenage male roles in this coming-of-age comedy from Judd Apatow, Michael Cera is still playing the role of undernourished love puppy in Youth in Revolt, but at least he has expanded his range of emotion slightly to comfortably deliver creepy, tomato seduction lines. As a foil to tonight's Jersey Shore viewing, soak up these pale-faced innocents on their booze-soaked trek towards nailing females.