TV Bites: George Clooney's Haiti Benefit Breaks Distribution Records


· Friday's two-hour Hope for Haiti Now benefit will be the most widely distributed telethon to reach viewers across the globe, according to MTV. The event, organized by George Clooney, will feature performances from Los Angeles, New York and London by Coldplay, U2, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Wyclef Jean, Shakira, Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and more still. The event will air on networks including MTV, ABC, NBC, Fox, CNN on Friday at 8 P.M. and be streamed live on websites including YouTube and Hulu. All performances will be also available on iTunes. [THR]

Fox invests in beer, ABC bets on drugs, and more TV Bites after the jump.

· Fox has ordered a multicam pilot from Will & Grace creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick called Strange Brew, about a family-owned brewery. Warner Bros. TV is slated to produce. [THR]

· In other pilot news, ABC has picked up two pilots. The first, Cutthroat sounds like a network-version of Weeds: an "ambitious single mother who finds running her own international drug cartel is perfect training for navigating the cutthroat world of Beverly Hills high society." The second, Generation Y, is a documentary style drama that follows people back to their senior year of high school view flashbacks. [THR]

· The Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer has alerted the FBI that his wife, who is embattled in a nasty custody battle, has hired a hitman against him. [TMZ]

· Family Feud found a replacement for host for John O'Hurley in Steve Harvey [ABC News]

· Gary Sinise's character on CSI: NY will find a new girlfriend in a character played by Madchen Amick, the actress responsible for Californication's Janie Jones. [THR]


  • TimGunn says:

    I bet Sheryl Crow is getting paid.

  • Angelita says:

    Who will be making sure that the City of Haiti actually gets all that donated money for Haiti? Giving it to Red Cross etc... is not a waranty that it will be used in Haiti. I use Red Cross as an example becasue I read an article writen by the major of San Francisco in 1989 when the Loma Prieta earthquake happened in California. Apparently people donated money to The Red Cross to help speciofically the people affected by the Loma Prieta earthquake in San francisco. The Red Cross instead intended to keep the money for "future needs" (to me it seems an insult to the donors). The major then claimed the donated money for the city of San Francisco as the donors intended and Red Cross did not want to give it to the City of San Francisco. The major claims that he almost has to make an escandal in front of the TV cameras for The Red Cross to actually give the donated money to the city of San Francisco. What happened to the actual money? we will probably never know. What will happen to the millions of dollars that people is donating to haiti? Will it be used to build low income housing foollowing earthquake code rules, rebuild stores etc... I don;t knwo how to fidn out but I think that some media that cares may have a better shot at it that most donnors. I just bring this important question up.

  • d5t says:

    i looooooove cake

  • Denise Hoglund says:

    Faith, hope and love never disappears neither our faces filled with tears helping hunting day night until we find the missing entombed victims impoverished volunteers relax, rest with no regrets they do their best. What is Lumahai where is Bali Hai it is designer black volcanic molten hardened rock thick sharp. 7.0 Earthquake hits Haiti busts it apart we are shocked we are miles apart. Volunteers gather many supplies forming convoys everyone helping day and night keeps survivors alive. Family, friends are gathered near faith hope and love never disappears neither our faces full of tears. Volunteers need to rest, relax with no regrets they are doing their best. The medical transportation department filled all their compartments medical relief staffed all their departments organized they fly in jets forming convoys all this goes on night and day as we surf the net, information makes everything clear our faith hope and love never disappears neither our faces filled with tears. Victims are now in a place where war, hunger and disease will cease being cherished by their loved ones forever in continuum and perpetual peace. Faith, hope and love never disappears neither our faces filled with tears is dedicated to all who perished and survived a 7.0 Earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12, 2010 my purpose in writing this poem was to show respect and thank our presidential administrations military medical emergency relief rescue workers volunteers and their families. Express appreciation for all the detailed involved processes that support an organized emergency relief effort like Hope for Haiti Now 1-22-10 telethon. Today 1-27-10 Hope for Haiti Now became the first debuting No.1 digital only album in the 54 year history of Billboard 200, selling 171,000 copies thank you Hope for Haiti Now supporters and organizers.

  • banditMovie says:

    that's hard to believe

  • Dr. Sophia Hudson says:

    Enough Is Enough.
    Ok, the United States has raised over 528 Million (Headline) “Help Haiti Exceed $528-Million, Chronicle Tally in Philly. “ Now we did more than any other country and it’s time to collaborate right in the United States and help clean up our own backyard.
    There is a Reverend, named Trey Noran in the Denver area that has a desire to open two homeless hotels, his web site I read and heard of this man from face book and just last evening on WCAN Radio. My suggestion is that George Clooney followers and other Stars assist Reverend Noran right here in this country.
    Dr. Sophia Hudson

  • Coldplay are so amazing. I still get chills down my spine every time I hear "Fix You".

  • cable box says:

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