Lowe Goes


When will Rob Lowe learn? He left The West Wing because he didn't feel like his character was the lead, he turned down the actual lead of McDreamy in Grey's Anatomy, and then he joined the thousand-member cast of Brothers and Sisters as Calista Flockhart's husband. Now, you will not be surprised to find out, he is leaving that show too because he doesn't feel like he has enough to do. Also, they totally wouldn't change the title of the show to Brother-in-Law and Others. [Deadline]


  • John Flores says:

    Can you say "Arrogant"? He's a has-been anyway. Acting questionable--if just not good. Got that big fat paycheck on his looks. He better save some of his money now because someday his looks will be gone and so will all those paychecks.

  • Rod says:

    Not sorry to see him leave the show. His acting has always been pretty poor and he was carried by all the other actors in the show.
    I never liked the story line between Calista and him. The show will do fine without this has been actor.

  • Rob's Mom says:

    None of these seem like particularly bad choices to me. Obviously the guy wants to work, and obviously he remains hire-able. And would "Grey's Anatomy" really be a highlight on any actor's resume? Same with "Brothers and Sisters."