Late Night Highlights: Old Tonight Show Wounds and Conan's $1.5 Million Sucker Punch to NBC

Conan O'Brien may be easing his monologue attacks on NBC for contractual reasons, but when it comes to David Letterman and Jay Leno, whose Tonight Show feud has been reinvigorated by Leno's suspicious retreat to his 11:35 time slot, the gloves are coming off. After a few nights of consistent monologue barbs by Letterman, Leno served up a light jab on Tuesday's show (during a sleazy segment with Chelsea Handler) and then went in for the kill last night with one below-the-belt monologue joke:

"Letterman has been hammering me every night. Going after me. Hey Kev, you know the best way to get Letterman to ignore you? Marry him!"

After the jump, the rest of Leno's damage, Conan's $1.5 million sucker punch to NBC and the other highlights from last night's witching hours programming, ranked from worst to best.

5. Arsenio Hall is Back (and Will Disappear For the Low Low Price of $40 Million)

Remember back in 1992 when Arsenio Hall declared war on Jay Leno's Tonight Show ratings? And then two years later, Fox buried the Arsenio Hall Show and Jay Leno went on to spend 18 (and counting) more years ruling the late night roost? Well last night, Leno welcome his one-time nemesis onto his program to show a new generation why they're better off without Arsenio on the air. [Complimentary Conan insult included!]

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  • anonymous says:

    Nice to see Leno dusting off those old Clinton jokes.

  • JM says:

    Pretty smart to stick it to them with that sketch. Also, Max and the band are playing decidedly expensive music around the commercial breaks so I'm sure this whole debacle is going to end up costing a good bit more than that $44 mil.