First Buried Trailer: Ryan Reynolds Gets Boxed In


Chosen earlier this week as one of the likeliest subjects of a Sundance 2010 bidding war, Buried has a new trailer featuring pretty much exactly what we expected: Ryan Reynolds underground, in a box. It also appears to answer a key question we had going into the film's premiere tomorrow in Park City -- to wit, if the whole film is set in a coffin beneath the surface of the Iraqi desert, how and when do Reynolds's co-stars appear? That spoilerish theory (and the video) in a special Two-Minute Verdict after the jump.

The backstory on Buried is that it's the smallest single-setting movie in film history, outdoing Alfred Hitchcock's 1944 Lifeboat in its diminishment to coffin size. That led to the question of how and when Reynolds -- who plays a civilian contractor kidnapped, buried and held for ransom in Iraq with nothing but a cell phone and a lighter to make it happen -- shares the screen with his listed co-stars. Well, here you go: Subterranean video conferencing! Samantha Mathis et. al. aren't featured here, but I'd expect they will be when the film unspools for the first time Friday night. More to come as Movieline gets a look...

VERDICT: Sold! But for how much?


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  • Martini Shark says:

    Someone get props department over here! We need to make this coffin large enough for Mr. Reynolds to maneuver around and get his shirt off! C'mon people!! We need that eight-pack on camera in order to sell this baby!!!

  • renantech says:

    Wow the trailer was impressive i think it will hit on theathre. I am excited to watch the full movie.
    Sikat ang Pinoy

  • alk says:

    I love Bryan Reynolds I thought I was gonna see him in the golden globes because of "The Proposal" but he wasn't there, he is cute and hilarious I love his movies

  • caterina says:

    oh, i thought it would just be like a 'lost' epidode with flashbacks. Probably would have been a better idea to get Ryan's shirt off -- ha!