Buzz Break: Toy Makers

· Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich tweeted a picture of Tom Hanks doing his final recording session on the film, due June 18.

· Clive Owen has climbed aboard the action/thriller Protection, replacing Paul Walker. There's an unlikely recasting!

· At the LAT directors roundtable, Quentin Tarantino recounted the story of how Harvey Weinstein tried to cut the most iconic scene out of Reservoir Dogs.

· After the comparatively giddy Taking Woodstock tanked, James Schamus says he's writing a new project for Ang Lee that's "going back to the good old, tragic, suicidally depressing Ang!"

· This happens every year: Kathy Griffin does a wild New Year's Eve show for CNN, reports circulate that CNN would never hire her back, and then CNN totally does. According to Griffin, we're probably in between steps two and three.


  • Martini Shark says:

    In a press release CNN has announced they will have Kathy Griffin on their New Years broadcast once again, however this time they will have the telecast on a 10-second delay. They are now weighing the contingencies of staging the Times Square ball drop ten seconds earlier for an accurate broadcast time so as not to disrupt the international banking system because of an ill-timed homosexual joke by Ms. Griffin.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Interesting quote from James Cameron from the Tarantino link>
    "I've never done an audition shorter than two hours. I'll . . . read all the scenes. I don't care. . . . An audition for me is if you're not willing to put two hours into this process to decide if you're going to tank or not tank my couple-hundred-million-dollar project, then that's a non-starter conversation."
    Tara-san then says> "That is actually my favorite thing that's been said right now."
    I agree...