Will Ferrell To Bookend Conan's Bittersweet Tonight Show Stay


If the Tonight Show host's first monologue joke last night did not tip you off -- "Hi, I'm Conan O' Brien and I'm three days away from the biggest drinking binge in history" -- it looks as though Coco will retire from NBC on Friday after seventeen years at the network. Further proof arrived late last night when NBC announced Coco's guest roster for the remainder of the week, a line-up of A-list stars including his first Tonight Show guest Will Ferrell.

The rest of Coco's guests this week include:

Wednesday, Jan. 20: Adam Sandler, Joel McHale and musical guest Joss Stone

Thursday, Jan. 21: Robin Williams and musical guest Barry Manilow

Friday, Jan. 22: Tom Hanks, Will Ferrell

Jay Leno started the Tonight Show tradition of inviting his first guest back at the end of his term with Billy Crystal who returned for Leno's second-to-last episode. Leno famously reserved his final Tonight Show episode to symbolically pass the baton onto Conan -- who will likely not invite Leno back for the baton-returning ceremony.

As you may remember, Conan's first Tonight Show guest Will Ferrell was carried onto the stage via a throne carried by half-naked Egyptian slaves. After sitting down next to Coco, Ferrell joked "This is so incredible because no one thought you could do it! Like literally, no one, not one person, and you're here!"

The official announcement that Friday will be Conan's last show is expected later today.

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