The One-Page Screenplay: Michael Colton and John Aboud's Planning Joanna


It's been a long while since we've last cracked open the Movieline One-Page Screenplay vault and added another starlet-slim volume to its stacks. For those microscript lovers among you, then, we have some good news: The writing team of Michael Colton and John Aboud, whom many of you might recognize as the sassy, plus-sized African-American comedy duo on VH1's Best Week Ever [ed. note: can we have an intern fact check that?], have contributed one! Planning Joanna lies just beyond...

The Official Bio:

World-famous for their VH1 punditry (Entertainment Weekly called them the "deadpan kings" of Best Week Ever), Michael Colton and John Aboud also write things. They've written the wedding-heist caper FOR RICHER OR POORER for Warner Brothers, the marital comedy THE BENDER for New Line and director Frank Coraci, and the haunted-house comedy OVER MY DEAD BODY for Ivan Reitman. They also co-wrote the David Koechner film THE COMEBACKS (your favorite) and wrote for Mitch Hurwitz's Sit Down Shut Up on Fox. During the writers' strike, they created a parody of the AMPTP's website, for which Joss Whedon called them "heroes," and the AMPTP probably called them "douchebags." They are currently developing projects with David Wain, Brendan Fraser and Dreamworks TV, as well as a movie about mimes in the '70s for Ben Stiller's production company. Before moving to Los Angeles, they ran a Web magazine called Modern Humorist that four or five people still remember. More info at coltonaboud.jpg

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