SHOCKER: Fanboys Preview Scott Pilgrim, Confirm It Is 'Kick-Ass'


Edgar Wright's massively anticipated Scott Pilgrim vs. the World had a preview screening Tuesday night in Las Vegas, soiling a perfectly good multiplex auditorium with the aromatic enthusiasm of a lucky fanboy/girl contingent. Reviews trickled online overnight, emphasizing that the graphic-novel adaptation was unfinished and that many of the big, flamy visual effects had yet to be fully rendered -- which of course was hardly reason for concern for those in attendance, who stammered their reactions into a video review you'll find after the jump. Spoiler alert: They really liked it!

At least one of the reviewers has a few words for Michael Cera haters as well, while another successfully launches the "Juno meets Mortal Kombat" meme that we'll likely hear ad infinitum until Pilgrim's release this August. Which is fine, I suppose; it beats "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist meets Bloodrayne," or whatever other genre mutations come to mind after such brain-melting kick-assness. Nicely played, Universal. (Bonus points to Harry Knowles, who brought this news to our attention with the headline, "Here's a dude you can hate for having seen SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD last night!" Well, for starters.)

· Here's a dude you can hate for having seen SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD last night! Now with Video Reviews! [Source]