Report: Now Everybody Hates Avatar


Golden Globe triumphs notwithstanding, the list of those who've found something to dislike, discredit, disagree with, take offense to or simply hate in Avatar has grown exponentially since those innocent days when all anyone wanted was better dialogue. In China, for example, where James Cameron's megahit is the country's top-grossing movie ever, government officials announced Tuesday that they would pull the film off more than 1,600 2-D screens in favor of a domestic film about Confucius. Their motivation: Not protest, but rather wanting something in theaters more keyed into the Chinese New Year. (Avatar will remain on the country's 3-D screens, for what it's worth, which, of course, is still millions of dollars.) But it was just the latest in a backlash that, unusually, extends more to ideology than any critical or awards-season motivations.

I mean, the anti-smoking lobby and the Vatican are one thing, but as a helpful new report in the NYT elaborates, it seems like every other special-interest group has managed to inveigh against Cameron's worldview as well. It's open revolt! And as usual, China leads the way in exports:

In China [...] the film's imperialist themes have upset audiences who believe that the plight of the aliens, the Na'vi, who are forced from their home by human industrialists, is a parable for Chinese people whose dwellings have been forcibly razed by local governments to make way for new construction. As one pseudonymous commenter quoted on wrote: "China's demolition crews must go sue Old Cameron, sue him for piracy/copyright infringement."

Ha! Get. In. Line. But at least $1.6 billion in grosses (and counting) still splits up pretty robustly 100+ ways.

· You Saw What in 'Avatar'? Pass Those Glasses! [NYT]


  • ed says:

    Plain and simple i saw the film loved it. if you want another film to bash try Google up the movie called Akira its an anime of the war in japan sudo-neo japan. another one of my favorites simply because of the story line on how japan once was a humble country who in this scenario after wwII they became a industrial complex based country and became over ripe like a fruit. as in one of the lines from the moves mentions how there country is now like a ripe fruit that is starting to fester and rot on the tree it grows and needs to be knocked off by Akira.
    well as for me i loved the movie it has a good story line and allot of drama-action to keep me interested and im 23. thinking it would be a good film for children and all i was surprised by some of the dialog.
    another good movie i saw was Origins Spirit of The Past. another good animated movie from japan.

  • paul says:

    Wow i bet all of you have no lives.

  • Mohammad says:

    This movie is brilliant. Everyone sees this movie can relate it to something happening in his part of the world, and we all find ourselves in favor of the happles Na'vi while in real life most of us are the ones who are killing them. USA invaded Iraq (Pandora) to get Petrol (the precious stone in Avatar) and didn't even blink when started killing the Iraqis (Na'vi).
    Cameron is brilliant. Thank you Mr Cameron.

  • haydenator35 says:

    They just want something to whine about, there's nothing in that movie that Cameron put in to offend people, they need to stop being so sensitive.

  • Always Faithful says:

    Long live the humans! I agree with the Chinese dissidents. I don’t know why everyone always looks as the United States as the big bad wolf, when there are countries like, Communist China who routinely arrest and kill their citizens for making political problems for the power elite in that nation. Take a look around the world at some of the more totalitarian regimes, plutocracies, oligarchies or theocracies, (Russia, Burma, North Korea, Red China, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and the list goes on), and you will not come anywhere near the freedoms that we posses and enjoy in this nation. Even in the most advanced “western style” societies, (civil and common law) our freedoms are unparalleled.
    I think you children need a little more perspective on the world. Travel a bit to some of the hotspots on the globe and see who is causing the major problems with environmental decay, and various human suffering. Then when you watch this movie, watch it knowing that movies like this can only come from the United States, where our artists have the freedoms to create and share their ideas, no matter how twisted (within reason and the law). I knew what I was getting into when I went with my wife and two kids to see the show. I was not disappointed. Avatar is a great sci-fi flick with some socialist political ranting. It was my first modern 3D film, and I say that because I won’t count the string of crap 3D films that came out in the 80’s when I was a younger lad. (Jaws 3D, Treasure of the Three Crowns, etc.) And that’s right, I was reading 1984 in 1984 when most of you probably weren’t even born yet. (And if any of you are near my age or older and disagree with me then you need to get back to school- and don’t post things like “I’m a PhD and disagree with everything you say” because I calling your BS right now.) I enjoyed the visual effects, but the glasses were a little irritating, and I left with a headache so it will probably be my last 3D venture. Now, back to my rant.
    While I can look past the earful of another Mr. Ihateamerica’s spouting more “U.S Marines are bad, and the nature loving, pointy eared, blue, alien, hobgoblins are good”, what I think most of you are missing are some vital aspects to this movie. It is fantasy. Someone made it up. Of course, because it comes from Hollyweird it is going to take the worst rumors and innuendos that the socialist left loves to eat, regurgitate, and eat again and try to shove them down our throats. That is why everyone should remember Avatar is fantasy, and people should educate themselves on what the real world is like. While I admire people’s ability to remember quotes about a “military industrial complex” they need to recall the entire quote and its context which you can look up if you want. Now here’s my two cents, and I know, I can keep it if I want to, but if you want to send me my two cents back let me know and I will provide you with a paypal account where you can send me the two cents, plus a minor $5 return handling fee.
    First, while the director might have ripped off various sources for his “inspiration” in creating the film, the most obvious rip is from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Yes, the cartoon characters, where one is flying squirrel. If I might point out the similarities:
    Unobtainium (a most ridiculous unimaginative name to say the least) is based un Upsidasium (not sure of the spelling and I won’t take the time to look it up. Upsidasium gave people the ability to fly or float or something and could only be found on a floating mountain (see the floating rocks in the lick, and yes I suggest the flick to people even though the wrong side won the fight, but I digress for now). The evil Boris and Natasha were always trying to get to the mountain and get their hands on the Upsidasium so they could complete the evil master plan, whatever that was.
    Anyway, that brings me to this point. While I think the humans (which by the way we are supposed to be) made some errors in judgment in the movie I would like to argue their side, because I am one, and because I see some points that some of you might not appreciate as much as I do but maybe reading this will open your eyes.
    We are never told what the unobtanium is for. We are only told that it is valuable, which does not lead to the proposition that gathering it to earn some of that value is bad. For all we know it could be valuable because it cures every known form of disease, including cancer or aids. It might even do the same for the blue hobgoblins. So for some reason those who see the movie make the leap of faith that gathering unobtanium is somehow evil, but I think maybe those who do are reading too much of their own prejudice into the movie and creating their own fillers for the logic holes that exist in the flick. So without knowing more about the reasons for acquiring the unobtanium I think people should not create their own. Wait until the book comes out and maybe it will explain it. ( I am sure a book will come out, but of course that is my reasoning based on mere conjecture).
    We are told that the humans try to exist peacefully alongside the blue hobgoblins. They build them schools, etc. They tried a peaceful existence with them, but as we see in the opening shots of the U.S. Marine (and he is a U.S. Marine-Force Recon-see the eagle, globe, and anchor on his shirt and others) first rolling onto the planet, that peace was broken. We are told that the blue hobgoblins became violent.
    When the humans try to negotiate with the blue hobgoblins they are rejected. The blue hobgoblins immediately take up arms instead of discussing the matter like civilized people do. (recall that the blue hobgoblin love interest was about to put an arrow through the “heroes” back before some little speck of pollen/jellybird lands on her weapon)
    I heard some people say, “well the (blue hobgoblins) were protecting their big tree” and when I pointed out that they could have moved (eminent domain) I was told it was the only one. However, please look again at the scene where the human traitor protagonist is gathering other blue hobgoblins to help fend off the evil humans. I saw a scene where there were a great deals of huge trees as large or larger than the blue hobgoblins “mother” tree.
    All I am saying is that there are two sides to this story, the humans versus the blue hobgoblins. We are never told why unobtanium is so valuable, and the humans did try to negotiate but ended up with arrows in their backs and tires. Now I am not saying the humans are without fault, but it was the blue hobgoblins who attacked their ships first as the bulldozers went to the tree. Remember they gave the opportunity to vacate, and ended up having arrows, rocks, etc. fired at their vehicles. I must say, however, that as a former Marine and (recon to boot), I was hoping that hard corps colonel at the end would have shoved that giant ass Kabar right through that deserting, traitorous bastards heart, and then gone on to conquer the planet. But of course I was hoping he would learn along the way the value of the nature network spanning the entire planet, because it looks like it could be one awesome new type of biomechanical computing device, with huge storage capacity, and a great security system, and steal that too. (see the charging rhino like things and the giant bird creature, and the computer’s ability to store and transfer living creatures minds)
    Now if you stuck around for this entire rant, you are one crazy dude, but I hope it gave you a chance to see things from a human point of view. I can’t wait to see what the socialist hippies have to post after I stick this one up there.
    Semper Fi! Always Faithful (to humans)! Peace through victory! Long live the fighters! (And yes, I ripped off Dune for the last quote but at least I didn’t rip off Rocky and Bullwinkle)

  • naw says:

    you guys are haters.. it was a good movie rip off or not.
    ps. if its a rip off of anything its a rip off on how a certain group of people took the land we call home from the people that lived here first.

  • Jenny Tan says:

    I am Chinese myself and I will never apologize for my fellow Chinese who suck to the nth level! Some people, Chinese or not just don't comprehend the stand of the movie. Avatar states the possibility of human evil, though I don't believe that humans are born evil, it shows us the reality that evil exists through people working for the effects and not for the cause. Avatar was worked on real hard and the effect is a gewd 0l' fantasy that so much reflects reality, what can I say, if fantasy does not have the sense of reality, I'm sure it's just another crazy movie and even crazy movies are good for whatever they are done for...Avatar shows us that evil exists but will never win in the end, that evil may win but its victory is never permanent, like what that Filipino Benigno Aquino guy said, "no tyrant in history has lived forever" so to the Chinese asses who grab other Chinese assets...may u rest in peace soon.

  • mack.m.mcclure says:


  • Circle of Friends says:

    should dubbed this movie from english to mandarin and the navi language to tibetan. seems like this is what the PRC gov't is more afraid of.

  • Bruce Gould says:

    The Chinese government like the US government has it’s abusive and totalitarian tendencies. In China they take a movie out of the theaters. In the US the government allows the banks to steal millions of homes. Frankly they both suck, but I would rather pass on the movie for a while.

  • michael says:

    I think people need to stop being so up in arms about a movie, im sure that every culture could find something offensive, and that is whats wrong with this world.
    I dont like certain black people because of how they act, does it mean that im racist, maybe, but i love the cosby's and there black, so am i still a racist, no i am just intolerant of how certain black people act.
    same goes for mexican's i dont like mexicans illigally entering into the country, but i love the George Lopez Show.
    i dont like people from israel bombing our country, but there was some really great people who have come out of the country and done alot for out world and i love those people.
    so when it comes down to it, i love people who support, work and contrubute to the country and dislike (PEOPLE), keyword (PEOPLE), who act in a way that i dont like,
    meaning i dont want to tolerate it and if i ask them to stop it could be considered racism and that is the problem

  • Marcus says:

    Very well said...however some people want to be noticed , so they speak up and miss the obvious, it is a fantasy... Get it?

  • Shawn K. says:

    After reading the lengthy and vastly differing opinions and views expressed, I guess I have my own supporting opinion of it too. I for one have not yet had the pleasure of seeing the movie yet, and look forward to the day that I do. I don't see why people have to be so vehemently and diametrically opposed to someone that has an original idea (or otherwise) just because they have a talent for exploring (exploiting) something that's been around for a while in one form or another. I wish I was so talented as to be able to take something and turn it in to a billion+ dollars. James, in my opinion is among one of the many greats that can take a story and turn it in to "something" that obviously a LOT of people have been or are willing to watch, thus adding to the coffers of success of the aforementioned. Anyone that has the ability to take something (an idea or otherwise) and turn it in to something fresh and proverbially new deserves the success that apparently comes along with it. It is also a widely known fact that most people hate the success of others no matter how they've managed to obtain it. If YOU are one that hates such said mentioned success of others, then I suggest you do something to make people hate you on YOUR way to the bank! Wouldn't that actually be the best way to obtain your revenge upon those that you so expressly hate?

  • Sjaak Schulteis says:

    I think that most negative comment came from those people who usually never go to a sifi movie. It is a tale with reflections on our world. I saw it in 3D and loved the way it was done. There were no "special effects" so obvious to emphasize that it was 3D, but good shots. I appreciated that. The details of the world created were stunning. The characters played just fine. There was not one minute in the movie that I felt bored, and I think that's what it's all about, right? Just to enjoy and maybe get a little message...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    That's it baby! If you got Caps Lock, Flaunt it! Flaunt it!!

  • SunnydaZe says:

    I have read Tom Wolfe novels shorter than the above comment...

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Wow, Mr. Vanairsdale, you do have a gift for making people go bat-shit don't you? Ever considered politics?

  • RATAVA says:

    I saw it in 1D - now that was really something amazing!

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Which is the Na'vi word for "Spam".

  • Nisha Petter says:

    Man…all the memories come flooding back to me lol.