Piranha 3D Trailer: Fish, Stuffed with Cheese


The Weinsteins may have moved Pirahna 3D to August thanks to dire, Nine-related straits, but at least a trailer has surfaced that gives a taste of the campy action. What's on display? Elisabeth Shue's biceps, Eli Roth's cameo, and a whole bunch of bikini-clad extras, including one whose piranha-eaten rear sets the film in motion. Dive in!

It remains to be seen whether director Alexandre Aja has managed to fashion something that's the good kind of cheesy rather than a Snakes on a Plane-level disappointment, but the trailer looks kind of dumbly promising? I mean, between this film and Hot Tub Time Machine, it's like we've entered an alternate world where the most pot-addled title suggestion suddenly gets a cast, a $30 million budget, and a 2010 release date. Let's hope the execution lives up to the smart-silly idea.

VERDICT: I'll bite.


  • metroville says:

    I suppose that's a more concise title than Watch Everyone You Liked in the 80s Be Eaten By Fish.