Lost's Daniel Dae Kim Teases Season Six: 'Maybe Jin and Sun Won't Get Back Together'


Daniel Dae Kim's Jin has been able to say a lot with just a little bit of dialogue -- or often, none at all -- over six seasons of Lost. Still, as ABC's epic adventure drama nears its endpoint, both Jin (who's finally become conversant in English) and Kim himself have plenty to say.

I caught up with Kim while he was in Los Angeles recently for the TCA press tour, and we indulged in our own series of flashbacks (find out the most difficult -- and rewarding -- surprises of Jin's character arc) and flash-forwards (will Jin and his star-crossed wife Sun reunite this year?) in advance of the final season's premiere on February 2.

Do you feel a certain amount of pride to have made it through all six seasons alive?

[Laughs] Yeah, I guess so! Although we haven't finished, so it might be a little premature to say that.

Now that you're bringing Jin's arc to an end, do you think all those elements of his story have all lined up in a straight line?

Not quite yet, but I think the important thing is that we're not quite at the end. I think that by the end, we'll see that all the characters will have a...gosh, "resolution" is probably too strong a word, but they'll come to sort of resting place and be able to look back with maturity.

I know you can't say too much about plot particulars, but emotionally, what's in store for Jin in season six?

I think you might have heard this before, but it reminds me a little bit of season one in a certain way because we relearn the characters. It's like what you mentioned earlier -- you're going to see the end of the journey that people started back in season one. To answer your question, it's going to be fantastic as always, but there will be some emotions on a pretty grand scale.

It's interesting how often Jin and Sun have been parted, then epically reunited, during the lifespan of Lost. They were apart for the entire fifth season, even! How long will fans have to wait to see them together again?

That's a really good question. Maybe Jin and Sun won't get back together again. That's a legitimate possibility, I think.

Did you have any idea that you and Yunjin Kim would be separated for so long last year?

No! We, like you, always assumed that maybe in the finale of last season, we'd be reunited. [Laughs] As in so many instances, our guess didn't turn out to be correct.

There have been some seasons and arcs where you had a lot to do, and some where you had to stay in the background a bit. Do the writers give you a heads-up when the work will ebb and flow?

Yeah. We kind of learned that along the way in season one, and it was a surprise for all of us at first, because we weren't sure how the writers were going to handle such a large ensemble. As we discovered how it was going to play out, it gradually became easier and easier, and it actually helped us as far as our endurance. It's such a large show and it requires so much that it's nice to know that if we're heavy for a couple of episodes, we'll get a break afterwards and another part of the ensemble will do the heavy lifting.

So in Season 4, when it looked to the audience like your character had died, did the writers let you know that you shouldn't be worried?

Actually, they did. When the script was about to break, they called me and said, "Listen, you're going to see something in this script. We just want to tell you not to worry. Things are not as they appear." I appreciated that. To be honest, by the fourth season, I had already learned to stop conjecturing about the future of my character. All they needed to tell me was that everything was gonna be all right, and that was it.

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