Conan O'Brien, NBC Skirmish Again Over Staff


While estimates of NBC's Conan-cutting costs hover in the vague (and vaguely appalling) $30 million-$40 million range, another report that not only is the deal not concluded, but it faces a fairly significant sticking point: O'Brien's staff. Apparently the deposed Tonight Show host is looking for handsome severance packages for almost 200 staffers -- or at least more handsome than NBC is offering. One observer says O'Brien is "dug in on that," while NBC responded that his intractability was a PR ploy and that "it was Conan's decision to leave NBC that resulted in nearly 200 of his staffers being out of work." Developing... [AP]


  • SugartitsMcFirecrotch says:

    Um. Yeah. I don't think NBC's gonna win that one either . . . I'm not sure I've ever seen douchebaggery on such a grand scale. They're bastard-coated bastards with bastard filling.