VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Saves Haitian, Looks Fierce While Doing It


The late night scape may be filled with hosts ready to declare themselves heroes but in Haiti there are a few CNN anchors actually saving lives. Among them, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who just last week was left to manage an entire hospital when United Nations ordered all of its doctors and nurses to evacuate (somehow, he frantically tweeted the whole experience here) and just yesterday, Anderson Cooper, who pulled an injured Haitian boy out from looting chaos. Click through for the graphic video.

The 360 host had been covering the aftermath of the devastating earthquake when he heard shots being fired. He, his cameraman, his translator and a Getty photographer followed the sound and discovered a store being looted. As police offers and the store's American owner tried to fend off the culprits, a fight broke out with "wood, screwdrivers and rocks" being used as weapons. One boy fell to the ground, unable to get up. Cooper dropped his camera, picked up the boy and carried him to away from the looting war zone.

· CNN's Anderson Cooper carries bloody boy away from looters in Haiti [CNN]


  • Jessica says:

    This is what I appreciate so much about Anderson Cooper. A week later, he's still in Haiti making a difference, even after other network reporters have left.

  • Jen says:

    It's what I appreciate about all of the CNN reporters in Haiti. We've seen it with Anderson, Sanjay and even with Chris Lawrence, Soledad O'brien and Ivan Watson. They've each helped out when it was needed along with reporting the news as it happens. They've been amazing and I'm so impressed with them as human beings, with the compassion and understanding of the situation and their quest to help in any way they can.
    They've made Fox News and MSNBC look like complete amateurs.

  • Tara Morin says:

    Anderson is the most compassionate reporter I've ever watched. It's this relentless compassion and heart that shows in his reporting. Keep up your AMAZING work and keeping us informed. THANK YOU Anderson from New Brunswick, CANADA

  • Shannon says:

    Take note, Faux news. This is what real reporters do. They actually care about sufferring humans. I freaking love AC as it is but this makes me adore him even more.
    And Dr. Gupta is amazing as well.

  • Cherly says:

    Both AC and Sanjay gupta should be nominated CNN heroes of 2010, Anderson thanks for saving this little boy's life, Dr. Gupta thanks for saying with the injured the night that all the other doctors left.

  • mimi says:

    i asked god to bless CNN for all the work that they did. No one will understand what they did for my country, when no one care CNN prove us wrong thanks.......

  • Marie says:

    I Anderson I never forget about the boy you help but what happen to him? is he still in Haiti? did you adopt him? I have noticed that every time someone mention that you just smile