Super Smash Bros. Late Night Brawl!

· The brilliant minds behind the Taiwanese Tiger Woods CGI re-enactment have really outdone themselves this time. Why didn't Jeff Zucker mention to Charlie Rose that he had to literally move the studios around every time he made a programming change? Talk about a bigger schlep than it's worth. [The Awl]

· Here's pics from yesterday's soggy rally, that drew hundreds, who were fed pizza from Coco himself. [LAist]


· This drawing of a toddler-sized Zach Galifianakis in a hospital gown clutching a teddy bear is f*cking amazing. That is all. (Click for big.) [Girl Anachronism]

· Equally amazing: This prank pulled on a Christian community TV host. The less we say the better. [YouTube]

· If you lived in the L.A. area, you experienced thunderbolt and lightning (very very frightening me!) today. There was also at least one tornado, four water spouts, and a giant rainbow over Hollywood. It's like f'in Oz up in heh, am I right? Pasta fazool! [LAT]

· Smash hit UK sci-fi series Torchwood, a Buffy-sized take on Doctor Who (of which its title is an anagram), is being developed by Fox into a U.S. series. Surprise: Star John Barrowman is being considered to stay on as lead. Will it work? The Guardian says maybe. [The Guardian]

· Ben Stiller might be ready to play another dark, tortured Jerry: Jerry Hickfang, the lead in black listed screenplay The Voices, about a guy who accidentally kills a co-worker and is advised by his evil talking cat and less-evil talking dog. And in the director's chair: Mark Romanek. [/Film]


  • Furious D says:

    1. And the greatest irony is that "Zucker" in Mandarin means "Wind whistling between ears."
    2. And Conan couldn't get them to storm the head office?
    3. That's actually just a drawing of him as a toddler. Yes, he had the beard even then.
    4. Not enough time to sit watching. I'm a man on the move.
    5. Try looking at your driveway and seeing an ice-wall that's taller than you. That's winter.
    6. Yeah, it could work, I mean it's not like we're talking about NBC here. It's not going to get Zuckerfied.
    7. I'm waiting for him to play the dark and tortured Jerry Stiller, who can't forgive his son for starring in "Envy," while being tormented by Mel Gibson and an anti-Semitic beaver puppet.

  • Please tell me that the sequel is called "Hangover 2: Hangover Babies".

  • Furious D says:

    That's going to be the animated series that will anchor the CW's Saturday Morning lineup.

  • SunnydaZe says:

    If I was given the chance to virtually kick Jeff Zucker's ass then maybe I would spend $600 on a PS3.