Patti Stanger Teases 5 Things to Anticipate from The Millionaire Matchmaker's Third Season


Not that you depend on Patti Stanger's dating series The Millionaire Matchmaker in order to navigate your own romantic life, but the Bravo series seems poised this season to give indispensable advice. Debuting tonight, the season three premiere features two bachelors from a successful moving company called College Hunks Hauling Junk -- and one of those bachelors insists on taking his date to "haul junk" with him. In dumpsters, to be exact. Pheromones and actual toxins flying! In an interview with Movieline, Stanger let us in on a few secrets of the new season, covering everything from misogyny to hooking up her fellow Bravo coworkers.

1. A sharp rise in insanity

Stanger's on-camera clients are much more demanding -- and sometimes insane -- than the celebrity clients she usually services. How weird was one potential paramour? "One guy asked me to check for breast implants and bisexuality," she said. "I turned him down."

2. A slight slice of politics

Stanger recently shot a "No on H8" campaign ad targeted at the kind of people who shock the unshockable entrepreneur most. "I'm offended by people who don't support gay marriage." We'll be seeing more of her work with gay millionaires too, she adds.

3. Possible cameos from other Bravo stars

Bravo's big on cross-promotional guest appearances. Work Out's Jackie Warner once appeared on Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, and the Real Housewives of Orange County cast appeared on Shear Genius. Patti told us that although she's not sure what survived the cutting room floor, she did some matchmaking work for Flipping Out's Jenni Pulos, a couple Real Housewives of Orange County regulars, and even the trio of upstarts from Million Dollar Listing. "Can you guess which one's my favorite?" she asked. "Madison! That's my boy."

4. More utter candor

Stanger is notorious for telling female clients to straighten their hair, put on heels, or buy a new wardrobe before meeting the rich paramours. In tonight's episode, she dismisses an entire group of women for dressing cheaply. "I don't say that stuff to offend them," Stanger said. "It's just how the guys are."

5. A closer look at weeding out psychopaths

After a decade in the matchmaking business, Stanger has figured out the number-one sign a guy is not right for her service: "The most insane kind? A man in his sixties who needs to date the 20-year-old blonde." We can look forward to Stanger telling grayed gentlemen that the fixation on "Barbie" types is -- like the dudes themselves -- really old news.