MacGruber the Avatar of Movies Based on SNL Sketches Starring Will Forte

It's been ten long years since we've had a movie based on an SNL sketch (ah, The Ladies Man -- you were there for us in good times and in bad), so it's with no lack of fanfare and anticipation that MacGruber, based on Will Forte's MacGyver-like character with a bad habit of blowing his team up, arrives in theaters. Here, then, is your first glimpse: a red band trailer that makes surprisingly light use of its license to filth (we counted one f-bomb, one s-bomb, and one reference to an extremely puffy Val Kilmer's villainous Dieter von Cunth), but nonetheless does a nice job of setting up the essentials to this incredibly Byzantine tale of nuclear counter-terrorism and international espionage. (Just kidding -- an infant could crap this story into a fresh diaper.) Pluses? Kristen Wiig, Ryan Phillippe lightening up, and Jorma Taccone -- one-third of The Lonely Island and Chaka in Universal's summer disaster (but funny!), Land of the Lost -- in the director's chair.

The Verdict: I'm torn. On the one hand, the jokes seem a little stale to me and Will Forte's ability to carry a movie alone seems doubtful; on the other hand, it seems to walk the perfect line betw- POWER PLANT DETONATES IN 20-STORY FIREBALL.

· I Am Rogue