Late Night Highlights: Big Jaw Rides Again, JLo Vs. GLo

While Movieline may have already covered Jay "Teflon" Leno's State of the Union Address, in which he grandly freed himself of all blame in ConanGate, there were other awesome moments in last night's after hours programming. Unfortunately the best, Jennifer Lopez storming the Lopez Tonight stage and flawlessly delivering the regular host's monologue will be overlooked because it aired on TBS and did not involve vicious Leno slams. Fortunately for you, we have J. Lo's new talk show host reel, as well as the other moments you missed, ranked worst to best, while cursing Avatar for its Golden Globe wins.

INTOLERABLE: Leno Continues to Attack His Network

It's really amazing how Leno does it. Last night, Leno delivered a monologue that slayed the very network that employs him and is reinstating him as Tonight Show host, the position he publicly yearned for a few months ago.

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